Wednesday, February 1, 2012

MEGApain in my rear

i apologize for being m.i.a for so long now. the past several weeks has been pretty frustrating for me as far as this project goes.  as i'm sure you all are aware, megaupload is now defunct, and every link on this site is dunzo... this could not have come at a worse time as i had just completed my project of uploading all of the FLAC versions of my remasters, and spent a lot of time developing this website. 

now, i still have all of my filesets, so its not like my work is lost, but i need to find a new home for sharing purposes.  i am currently exploring options, and hope to find a permanent solution sometime in the near future.  my hope is to host them independently as i have concerns that other file sharing sites like media fire and send space will face the same fate as megaupload.

so, until i find a new home for my babies, i will be cleaning up files and maybe work on remastering some of the shows that i have downloaded.  i want to thank you all for the positive comments that you have given me. it truely means a lot to know that my work is appreciated by you all.  i will update you regarding the status of these files as soon as i know something definitive.

1 comment:

  1. Hi there phishjam10. Love your work on the remasters as well as the matrix's up on demonoid.

    I was just checking in to see if you planned to post your shows in some format. In particular I would love to get a hold of Dec. 95 flac as well as many of the later shows from 97-98 that you have done.

    It would be sick if you matrixed the Miami 09 New Year's run as well.

    Demonoid seems to be a good avenue for getting them out there, I do not know how much of a pain it is to post there though.

    Thanks again!